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Chase V80 Short-axle ambulance

Chase V80 Short-axle ambulance

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Chase V80 Short-axle ambulance


Main performance parameters of negative pressure unit:

Special powerful exhaust air:

Exhaust air volume: > 600m3/h

Power: 12V, 150W

High efficiency filter device:

Filter material: Ultra-fine glass fiber

Effective area: 0.15M

Maximum air passing rate: 0.8M/S

Filtration rate: for particle size 0.3 microns, up to 99.995% or more (standard 99.7%).

Service life: The average life is 8-12 months (related to the negative pressure system opening time)

Sterilization device:

Ozone production: 2 g/h

Power: 12V 40W

Primary filtration device: (active carbon dust removal)

Filter level: G3

Inlet air flow: 200m3/ h


Three, the main points of excellence:

Cabin air primary purification:

When the vehicle passes through the dusty road, it will not affect the cabin air environment to ensure doctors and patients

Personnel comfort, but also can play a protective role in efficient filtration devices.


Air flow rules:

Through the flow difference of inlet and exhaust air, a relative pressure difference of about -20Pa is formed in the cabin, plus

Reasonable arrangement of inlet and outlet, the cabin formed a regular flow direction, steady flow rate of air. Max


To minimize the possibility of cross-infection between doctors and patients in the cabin, and the cabin air is fully exchanged

Up to 25 times/hour or more.


Centralized sterilization:

Through the regular airflow action, the air circulating in the cabin enters the ozone through the outlet

In the sterilization chamber, the ozone concentration in the chamber reaches the concentration of effective sterilization, and the pair is intercepted in the chamber.

The bacteria inside and on the efficient filtration device are effectively killed. Avoid empty cavities when the system is turned off

When the air returns, bring the germs back to the chamber.


Efficient filtration:

The particle size is 0.3 microns, reaching more than 99.995%, so that the air discharged to the outside of the cabin is kept clean

Net safe.


Precautions: Open the negative pressure system when all doors and Windows are closed after the patient gets on the car.



The configuration parameters of the Chase ambulance



Vehicle parameters

Overall length(mm) 4950,5160,5035
Overall width(mm) 1998
Overall height(mm) 2480,2540
seat 5-8
Doctor cure cabin Overall length(mm) 2700
Overall width(mm) 2000
Overall height(mm) 1900




Model SC20M125.1Q6
Dynamic system diesel engine
Power 93 (kW)
displacement 1996





Chassis configuration

gear-box 6 Fighter transmission
wheel base 3100
Driving brake Front disc and back drum
Steering system Directional assist
anti-lock ABS
suspended system plate spring
Tyre 215/75R16LT
maximum speed 155
fuel tank 80
Oil consumption 8.4



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