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JASP08/JASP12 Snow Melt Agent Spreader

JASP08/JASP12 Snow Melt Agent Spreader

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Product Description


Performance characteristics


2.1 The device can realize various action control of spreading operation in the cab through the controller.

2.2 The power box, hydraulic valve group and electronic control system of the equipment are all installed in the upper part of the front, which can effectively reduce the corrosion of the core components by flying salt spray.

2.3 The four-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine with its own preheating system is used as the power source, which can provide strong and stable power output for the system under low temperature conditions.

2.4 The conveying and distributing system of snow melting agent adopts full hydraulic drive with strong power and stable performance.

2.5 A manual tarpaulin is installed on the top of the silo to prevent the snow melt agent from flying and prevent rain and snow from wetting the snow melt agent.

2.6 The upper part of the silo is equipped with a filter screen, which can filter large particles in the snow melt agent to prevent equipment damage.

2.7 The silo is equipped with a force dissipation cone, which can reduce the pressure of accumulated materials on the conveying system, and better realize the conveying of snow melting agent from the silo to the hopper.

2.8 Stainless steel chain scraper structure is used to transport snow melt agent. The structure has the characteristics of non-slip, strong conveying force, constant conveying capacity, high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, maintenance-free and so on.

2.9 The conveying device is equipped with an automatic cleaning device, which can prevent the snow melting agent from falling into the carriage and corroding the carriage.

2.10 The silo bottom plate, transmission chain, lower hopper and spreading tray in contact with the snow melt agent are all made of stainless steel, corrosion resistant and long life.

2.11 The opening of the discharge port can be adjusted manually, and the opening of the discharge port can be adjusted according to the need.

2.12 The lower hopper can be manually and hydraulically adjusted, and the spreader can be folded upward and locked when the vehicle is moved or stored. In addition, the bottom hopper can be folded to empty the remaining material.

2.13 There is a shortage of materials alarm device, which can remind the operator in time that the snow melting agent has been exhausted.

2.14 Equipped with working lights and warning lights to ensure safe operation in low visibility.

2.15 The tail of the equipment is provided with a folding ladder for easy access.

2.16 The circuit system is anti-corrosion and moisture-proof treatment: high-quality low-temperature resistant cables are used, and external protective sleeves are installed; The terminal box and controller adopt IP67 protection products, waterproof terminals and protective rubber sleeves.

2.17 All steel structural parts are sprayed with multi-layer epoxy zinc-rich anti-rust primer and special topcoat after sandblasting, which has strong anti-corrosion property and beautiful appearance.



Item Parameter Remark
Bin volume



The two are only different in volume
Engine power 21kw Four-cylinder water-cooled engine
Engine fuel Diesel oil  
Spread width 2-15m Can be adjusted according to demand
Distribution (density)

Snow-melting agent5-50g/m2

Non-slip sand 40-250 g/m2

Maximum operating speed 60km/h  
How the tarp is opened and closed Manual operation  
Top bin filter Equipped  
Damping cone in bunker Equipped  
Conveyor chain material Stainless steel Chain hanging plate structure
Discharge port adjustment mode Manual operation  
Shortage alarm device Equipped  
Hopper material Stainless steel  
Bottom hopper folding mode Hand hydraulic  
Spread tray material Stainless steel  
Spreader disc diameter 500mm  
Warning light type Arrow guide light  
Working light Equipped  
Crawling ladder Equipped  

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